Runstar’s Miniature thrust ball bearings start with bore size 2mm to 10mm, they are divided into two series according to the difference of raceway. They are FM series(with a groove as raceway) and F series(without a groove as raceway).The material of washer is chrome steel or stainless steel for choice, and the material of cage is stainless steel or brass at request. Custom-made products is accepted in Runstar. All Runstar’s Bearings are strictly controlled under ISO9001:2015.

Part NumberRaceway type bore diameter of shaft washer(d)outer diamter of housing washer(D)thickness(H)Balls Qty/pcBalls Size/mmWeight/g
F2-6flat raceway263610.6
F2.5-6Mgroove raceway2.56361.20.8
F2.5-7flat raceway2.573.561.20.9
F2.5-7Mgroove raceway2.573.571.30.8
F3-6Mgroove raceway362.8610.85
F3-8flat raceway383.561.5880.6
F3-8Mgroove raceway383.561.5880.9
F4-8Mgroove raceway483.371.30.9
F4-9flat raceway49461.5881.5
F4-9Mgroove raceway49461.5881.2
F4-10flat raceway410461.5882
F4-10Mgroove raceway410461.5881.5
F5-10Mgroove raceway510471.5881.6
F5-11flat raceway5114.571.5882.4
F5-11Mgroove raceway5114.571.5881.9
F5-12Mgroove raceway512471.5882.1
F6-12flat raceway6124.5822.5
F6-12Mgroove raceway6124.5822.2
F6-14Mgroove raceway614582.3813.5
F7-13Mgroove raceway7134.5922.6
F7-15flat raceway715582.54.4
F7-15Mgroove raceway715582.54.3
F7-17Mgroove raceway717682.3816.5
F8-16flat raceway8165935
F8-16Mgroove raceway8165934.5
F8-19Mgroove raceway819783.1759.1
F9-17flat raceway9175102.3815.1
F9-20Mgroove raceway920783.1759.9
F10-18flat raceway10185.5102.3816
F10-18Mgroove raceway10185.5102.3815.4